Your position relative to competition 


COMPARABLE improves your customer research. Our basic principle: assess your position relative to competition! Merely asking your customers to score your performance without this context just is not good enough. Because in daily life, your customers will compare you with competitors all the time, rather than judging your performance as if you were the only provider on earth. Ranking is not considered in traditional customer research, which disregards this ranking element and therefore make you lose vital information. That is where we come in.

What we know

Traditional customer survey

  • Low response rate

  • Irritated customers

  • Low predictive value

  • Few actionable results 

  • No clear basis for investments


Our approach

  • Ranking  

  • Relative scores

  • Focus on engagement

  • Direct smart action

  • Sound guide for investments

Who we are

COMPARABLE Started in 2015. We feel that companies are more and more dissatisfied with their traditional customer satisfaction metrics, because:

  • ​Scores have little bearing to company success or failure

  • Customers become irritated

  • Decreasing response rates

  • Surveys score low on actionable results

  • Surveys do not direct you to successful investments


These complaints and challenges needed to be addressed. Therefore, COMPARABLE developed an innovative survey method based on a company's relative positioning. This provides you with a:

  • Clear view of performance relative to competition

  • Clear links to company success and staff learning

  • Concrete workflows and practices to retain detractors

  • Sound basis for investment in improved customer experience