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Design for Future Customer Research

If your situation is that you do have a customer satisfaction survey, and you want to improve, Comparable offers an innovative workshop. 


We refer, in our approach, to the TU Delft ViP-model, that was recently developed by prof. P. Hekkert and M. van Dijk. The basic thought is that the product or service that is developed, reflects the vision and personality of the creator – you! 


The model consists of two elements: the past and the future. ViP distinguishes between the preparation phase in the workshop, and the designing phase. 


In the preparation phase the current product or service, user interactions and context of those interactions are questioned. In the designing phase, the future context, interactions and design are developed.


In the process of the session, we deconstruct the past situation, in order to prepare for the future, the next level. We describe the upcoming context, your motivations, known limitations and strategic goals; and the interactions required. 


We then design the new interface, in concept – based on the design principles that we developed in order to come to a sustainable method of gathering customer feedback.


The actual design and detailing of the customer research requires an additional effort. This is the next Comparable step in the development process.


We reach our goals by addressing the following building blocks:


Deconstruction: why is it the way it is?


What did the old research look like?

In which context did the research begin?

What was the interaction with your customers?

What was the interaction internally?


Future context: what has changed?


Looking at the past, what made you decide for something different?

What has changed in the context of the research, at customer level?

What has changed in the context of the research, at company level?

Which are the goals for your future research?

What statement does the future research intend to make?


Designing future research


How do you envision the interaction with your customers?

Which interaction would you prefer inside your company?

Which of the Comparable 2X30 design characteristics are vital?

Are there any analogies that may inspire you, designing future research?

What must be the product quality of your research?


Designing and detailing of future customer research

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