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Understanding Customer Engagement

Customer Satisfaction Scores is the most commonly used metric to measure customer experience. The general assumption is that a higher satisfaction score would lead to greater customer loyalty. So, of course, you do measure customer satisfaction. But is your score high enough? How should you interpret changes in appreciation? Can you trust your measuring instruments? Are you up to standard? What's new in customer research, what can recent developments in neuro psychology teach us? 

And which of the suggestions that your customers give you, are you going to execute? Which ones indicate urgency and which recommendations or complaints can you easily ignore? Which of your customers should you listen to anyway? Or should you listen to them all? Can you expect regional differences and how do you find that out? 

And if you need to take action, how do you enhance customer experience and loyalty? Where do you begin. How do you get into the head of your customers, and how do you manage stay there? How does experience find its place in your memory? Where do you invest - if you do? Which are proven successful methodologies and which are just fashionable? And what is the real relation between customer experience, customer engagement and employee engagement? 

The answers to these questions are addressed by the four plus one step approach to understanding customer experience, a proven and valuable course by Comparable. We do not provide you with hypes, or bother you with meaningless trends or fashionable words. Our approach is soundly based on academic literature, our guidelines are evidence based and built on extensive experience from our teaching staff. In four half days, plus a bonus session, you are up to standard and ready to engage in improving customer experience. 

May we tell you more? Click here for the content of the course. And click here for contact. Click here for subscription. For more information see this PDF.

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