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Our Plan

Once we know your goals, and understand your context, there are, of course, a variety of options to acquire the insights that you need. We have a broad experience in qualitative and quantitative research, and can rely on professional staff and sophisticated tools to support this.


Maybe you have decided to do a web based survey. There is no need to introduce complexity from the start. We think that in most cases just a few questions can do the job for you. In general, the willingness to take part in surveys is reducing rapidly, and you do not want to stand in a queue of companies waiting for your customers to be irritated by your questionnaires. Instead, you want to look smart and practical. Even in your customer inquiries, you want to stand out and be different.


Our standard web based survey has two levels. The first level asks no more than three questions. The first one measures general satisfaction. The second question is open and reveals subjects and sentiments that are relevant. The third question relates to competition. Then, if a respondent is willing to continue, and some are, we provide him or her with some additional and tailor-made questions, which will help us to understand your customer on a deeper level.


We gather customer data in any way that suits the situation and the requested response rate best. Ipad, sms, website, mails, interviews, are possible. We are quick, polite, our questions are easy to answer and are meaningful to customers. We report to you in the format, platform and frequency required. In management letters, in dashboards, on a general level or per department or store; in presentations. We do take responsibility for the quality of  the analysis, and we therefore propose to analyze data together with you on a regular basis. This allows you to relate your CRM data to our inquiry results. We therefore stage sessions in which we share our learning.


We are The Difference Operator. We advise you on how to use survey results in your company and outside, in your marketing communication. It is important never to regard your customer as a mere digit in your data. Especially detractors need to be taken care of immediately and without delay. Therefore, negative scoring can be communicated with your organization immediately, so that a workflow can be initiated right away to retain your dissatisfied customer. We may support you structuring these workflows and may train your staff for effective execution of this process.

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