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Change Management; Effective

You are a group <10. Directors, engineers, teachers, doctors, managers, parents, sports coaches. The setup is easy. The setting is comfortable. We require beamer, whiteboard, paper, pens.

1 After a brief introduction, the day starts with participants introducing  their own questions: what are real issues in your daily work that require smart solutions. My engineers do not want to sell. My sales people do not use the CRM software properly. My students do not prepare for class. My team does not co-operate. My customers don’t buy. My sports instructors fail to interact properly with our clients. Real life! Real questions!

2 We then go through three basic steps. The first: Big Problems, Small Problems. How do you define the issue at hand? What are underlying questions? What’s the true size of the problem?


The second step: Powerful People. How is it that people who seem to make mistake after mistake, are highly successful at the end of the day? Why are people who do everything as it should be done, a complete failure finally?


The third: Manage Expectations! Combine high expectations towards your subjects with realistic ones to yourself.


3 After that, we go through Six Rules for Effective Change. A program designed to exchange elementary do and don’t rules for transformation processes. Illustrated by experiences of other companies and institutions; theoretical background in combination with practical understandings. 


The do rules are Don’t Talk So Much, followed by Limit The Analysis. We then pass on to the dorules: Think Group; Understand Humans; Structure The Environment; Use The Situation! 


4 Participants are ready now to return to their own input. They are requested to make a plan, following what they have learned this day, in order to solve their change problem successfully. They present their strategy, which is subsequently enriched by the other participants, adding their ideas to the plan. 


5 Benefits are, therefore:

  • Up to standard knowledge on change management

  • A sound plan for real life situations that need to change

  • An integrated approach, shared and sanctioned by the group

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